Dialectic is a powerful phone integration solution for Mac OS X and can be used to integrate your Elastix VoIP phone system extensions with your Mac stations. This integration can provide limitless opportunities including dialing from Address Book as well as Daylite, Filemaker Pro, and many others. Dialectic will also provide notification of incoming calls with the incoming caller ID information compared to entries in your Address Book. Dialectic can pause your iTunes music, set your iChat status to "on the phone" and automatically log your calls with iCal or Daylite. To prepare you for the incoming call, Dialectic will display the notes from the most recent iCal entry from this caller.


Dialectic Mac integration features:

  • Dial directly from Apple Contacts on your Mac
  • Dial anywhere on Mac OS X by selecting a phone number from text
  • Dial from Filemaker Pro
  • Dial from Marketcircle Daylite
  • Dial from Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • Control iChat, iTunes, DVD Player during your calls automatically
  • Integrate with Apple Calendar on your Mac
  • Alert on incoming calls
  • Custom workflows to operate the way you work!

The video below demonstrates first an outgoing call made by choosing the phone number from Apple Address Book and then creating a new iCal entry logging when the call took place. This is followed by an incoming call where the number is looked up in Apple Address Book and a notification is displayed with the caller's information. Additionally, iChat status is changed from "available" to "on the phone" and a new entry is made in iCal logging when the call took place. Details regaarding the call can be added to the iCal note. If iTunes is playing when a call comes in, the music will be paused until the call is completed.

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